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How to Remove System Check – System Check Removal

System Check Description System Check is a rogue PC defragmenter. System Check belongs to a family of rogue defragmenters known as FakeSysDef, which are typically disguised as system optimization tools or defragmenters. Clones of System Check include Data Repair, System Repair, and System Fix. While System Check claims to be able to solve problems in […]

How to Remove Security Shield – Security Shield Removal

Security Shield Description Security Shield is a rogue security application with several clones (for example, Security Tool). Computers infected with the fake anti-virus program Security Shield become riddled with a host of problems that can turn them practically impossible to use. Security Shield is often associated with other malware infections, and the presence of Security […]

How to Remove Security Monitor 2012 – Security Monitor 2012 Removal

Security Monitor 2012 Description Security Monitor 2012 is a fake security program affiliated with the FakeScanti family. The rogue security programs belonging to this family are all cause by variants of the FakeScanti Trojan infection. Security Monitor 2012 is not unique in the way Security Monitor 2012 infects a computer system. According to ESG security […]