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How to Remove Windows Pro Defence Virus

Windows Pro Defence virus is a rogue antispyware program. It pretends to be a legitimate virus removal program to display you some fake virus removal alerts and false scan results. You can be infected by clicking fake virus removal advertisement and then install windows pro defence, or you can be installed it without your knowledge […]

How to Remove Windows Active Defender

What is Windows Active Defender? Windows Active Defender is a malicious malware belonging to Fake Vimes family. It usually comes into your computer by bundling with another written freeware. Once infected, it always displays you fake threats and asks you to pay for bogus malware removal tool. So please ignore its fake alerts and also […]

Windows Proactive Safety Uninstall Guide

Windows Proactive Safety is not designed to defend your PC or shield your privacy, but made to scam you with fake system scan results and numerous pop up alerts. Don’t be fooled by its name, which sounds nice and powerful, however in fact is totally incapable of detecting or removing any threats on your system. […]

How to Remove Safety Center

What is Safety Center? Safety Center pretends being a legitimate security tool. It looks like a combination of Windows Security Center and Typical Windows folder. Once infected, it brings so many unwanted popups and fake system notifications. If you click these popups, you will be taken to the purchase page of Safety Center. Besides, the […]

Windows Maintenance Guard Quick Uninstall Guide

Is your system overflowed with scary virus alerts popped up by Windows Maintenance Guard? Are you frustrated with whether to trust it or not? Stay calm and recall where this application come from you will figure out what happened.   It’s suspicious. It installed itself automatically on your computer without your consent; its popup alerts […]

How to Remove Windows Secure Web Patch Rogueware

Windows Secure Web Patch is known as malware. It pretends to be a legitimate antivirus to trick the user into thinking there are something wrong with their computers. However, nothing cloud be further from the truth. This only promotes you to purchase their full version. Once infected, it can help steal your money and slow […]

How to Remove Windows Instant Scanner

What is Windows Instant Scanner? Windows Instant Scanner is a malicious rogue antivirus program. It pretends to be legitimate software to scan and display you some malicious threats on your computer. However, all the threats are fake, which aim at promoting you to purchase its full version. Keep in mind don’t take action. Moreover, once […]

How to Remove Redirect Virus

What is is a malicious browser redirect virus. Seemingly, is legitamate. However, it takes control of the browser and redirect any search result into some unwanted web pages or advertisements. can steal your privacy and slow computer. So you need to remove it immediately.   How You Can Get Infection with […]

How to Remove (Uninstall Guide)

Why is redirect virus dangerous? 1. It redirects your search queries to unrelated but ads like WebPages. 2. It generates frustrating pop ups while searching things. 3. It throws your computer into high risk of being infected with further ransomware, malware, etc. 4. It poses damage to crucial computer files, and compromises your confidential personal data. 5. It blocks […]

How to Remove “Welcome to nginx” Virus

“Welcome to Nginx” is regarded as a Google Redirect virus, but as a matter as a fact, “Welcome to Nginx!” is basically a diagnostic web page. Welcome to Nginx problem always come together with malicious program. Since your computer gets infected with malicious program such as fake anti-virus program, your hosts file and your internet […]

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