How to Block “Recommended for You” Popup Ads? (Removal Guide)

Recently, many Windows users are suffering from an annoying popup ads which we called “Recommended for You” popup. It’s a small ads which usually appears at the lower-right corner of one’s screen. The strange thing is that the advertisements displayed are always related to people’s search queries, and the link contained within the ads that allure unsuspecting users to click on is always the same as the webpage they visit, with a # sign at the end of it. Below are some examples of messages shown by “Recommended for You” popup according to different sites people visit:

“How to discover the “next” Apple… while it’s still a penny stock”
“How to fix stack overflow. Fix stack overflow in minutes. Even beginners can do this.”
Searching for page enhancement suite. Discover and compare hundreds of page enhancement suite point link save.”

How to block the ad becomes a hard nut to crack since Antivirus programs usually won’t fix the problem, what you need here is an advertisement blocker that can prevent and hinder malicious popup ads from opening. Luckily we have free Anvi Ad Blocker developed by Anvisoft. You can follow below instructions to block “Recommended for You” popup forever.

1. Click the Download button to save Anvi Ad Blocker to your desktop.

2. Find below icon, double-click on it to install. The installation will be completed in two seconds.

3. Run the program and click on Block to enable pop-up ads, flash ads, banners, malicious and phishing websites filtration.

You can also choose Custom mode, and put the unwanted website address in the box and save to the list.

Now you are supposed to completely get rid of “Recommended for You” popup ads. You won’t be troubled or bothered by this annoying ads any more. Go for your victory dance.


Anvi Ad Blocker is a free tool that mainly designed to block pop-up ads, flash ads and banners. It is proved effective, agile and practical. Anvisoft team is honorable to serve you. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to send us a feedback. Your attention and effort are highly appreciated.


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