Adware Removal: How to remove Text Enhance?

Text Enhance is a form of adware which is embedded or bundled in free program and get attached to internet browser as an extension and cookies without letting you know.  We judge that Text Enhance is not a realistic service because no extension is provided on the original site, and we can find the extension in the Google Chrome’s extension database.


Text Enhance appears on compromised computer as hover links to show explanation information about worlds or sentence when you view or browser a website, but actually they are advertisements. Text Enhance does not attack website, Text Enhance infects individual users. If you get infected with Text Enhance adware, you will see pop-up advertisement when you browser whatever websites.  Via this kind of Text Enhance advertisement, the adware creators get profit by providing advertisement services to compromised computers or collect personal information from targeted computers and sell to other third parties.


From all above, you can learn that Text Enhance contain potential threats thus you should remove it as soon as possible to secure your personal information. Please read more.


Screenshot of Text Enhance:



Text Enhance Removal Guide:


Step1, Clear all your browser’s cache load and cookies for safe measure. You can manually remove the cookies and cache by going to options/preference settings. To remove browser cookies or cache in quick way, please download and install Cloud System Booster to perform the task for you.



Direct download link:


Step2, Delete Text Enhance related extension in Browser. 


Remove Text Enhance in Internet Explorer:


Click the “Tools” button > and then click “Manage add-ons” > Under Show, click “All add-ons” > Select the Text Enhance plug-in from the list of software, and click “Disable”.


Remove Text Enhance in Google Chrome:


Open Google Chrome > click on the “Settings” icon > and navigate to “Tools” > “Extensions” > Select the Text Enhance plug-in from the list of extensions, and click “Uninstall” or “Disable”


Remove Text Enhance in Firefox:


Open Firefox > and navigate to “Tools” > Add-ons > Select Extensions and find the Text Enhance extension, and click “Disable” and “Remove”


Note: The Text Enhance may appear with different add-on or extension name, such as Browser Enhancements 1.0 and Better Links. If you have no idea what the extension may appear, please just disable the suspicious add-ons.



How to Block the Text Enhance cookie?


1 From the “Tools” menu of Internet Explorer, select “Internet Options”.

2 Select the “Privacy tab”, and then click “Sites”. The Per site privacy actions window will be displayed.

3 In the Per site privacy actions window, enter “” in the Address of Web site field.

4 Click “Block”.


Besides that, program Anvi Smart Defender can help you to block adware. A free try would be convenient and nice by directly downloading the program below.

  • andermac

    Mine came in the extension form of “Web-Protect”. Thought I’d mention my findings.

    • Guest

      Thanks for mentioning that, I couldn’t find their bleeping extension and was about to post to that effect.

  • mike

    You copied botcrawl and used their image.. r u guys even a legit company? Why do u do that?

  • Text-Enhance must die!

    Mine came in Scripting.Dictionary just to also let you guys know.

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