How to remove Claro LTD toolbar (removal guide)

How to remove Claro LTD toolbar (removal guide)

Are you troubled by the Claro LTD toolbar? Maybe you have no idea about what Claro LTD toolbar is, but if we give a description, you will be suddenly enlightened.


Claro LTD toolbar is regarded as an adware similar to Spyware.SCN-ToolBar produced by Montera Technologies LTD, it is also classified into malware. How does it come to your pc? It is bundled with freeware. Unaffectedly, Claro LTD toolbar is applied by users unknowingly while installing the desired software. Though there are optional installations of this adware, it is usually loaded by default on account of lack of notice. Once installed, Claro LTD toolbar mainly targets on dominating the search engine by setting itself as the default. Surprisingly, it replaces the existing settings without soliciting approval with users. Why is Claro LTD toolbar treated as adware? Invaded as an add-on, it enables a toolbar with various functions such as Facebook, Youtube and other links to those popular web sites and services.

To remove the program, there are some necessary ways you must apply. Except uninstalling the main component from Add/Remove Programs of Windows, you also need to run an anti-malware scan to ensure that it is deleted entirely.

There is a comparison between Claro LTD toolbar and Google Chrome as below two images:

Claro LTD toolbar

Google Chrome

You can realize Claro LTD toolbar is much diffrent form Google Chrome.


How to remove Claro LTD toolbar (Removal Guide)

Step1: Remove Claro LTD toolbar through Windows Control Panel

  • Go to Start MenuControl PanelAdd / Remove a Program ( click  on ProgramsUninstall a Program for pc with windows7).
  • Search out the entry Claro LTD toolbar and highlight it.
  • click the button Uninstall ( besides the Orgnize) to remove the program.
  • If it prompts for comfirmation, please click ok to proceed.

Step2: Remove Claro LTD Add-ons and Extensions from your Internet Browser

Clean Claro LTD Toolbar and Extension from Internet Explorer 8 and 9:

  • Run you Internet explorer.
  • Please navigate to Tools→ Manage add-ons on the top menu. Then there will show a window like the below image where you can view and manage Internet Explorer add-ons.
  • Elect Toolbars and Extensions on the lefe panel then go to the right panel and navigate to Montera Technologies LTD.
  • Disable the following add-ons:

Claro LTD Toolbar
Claro LTD Helper Object

  • Close the existing window and restart your Interner Explorer.

Uninstall Claro LTD Toolbar Extension from Google Chrome:

  • Run the Google Chrome.
  • Click on the Wrench icon (on the top right corner of the browser)→ Setting→ Extensions to present all the installed extensions in Google Chrome.
  • Disable and delete(trash) the following extensions on the panel of the window:

               Smart Display 1.1

               Claro LTD Toolbar

  • Close the existing window and restar your Google Chrome.

Although you carry out all above, there may still be some extensions of Claro LTD toolbar. SO to make sure all of this adware are swept from your pc, Anvi Smart Defender is an ideal choose.

We Anvisoft will do all we can to help you. If you have any comment and question, please notify us, we will reply you as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.




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