How to remove the LessTabs virus (Adware Removal Guide)?

Recently, a potentially unwanted program called LessTabs floods the cyber world. More exactly, the LessTabs is classified as adware. What is the definition of adware? Why it is classified as adware? What are the influences of adware on the online activities of users? Is it safe? If not, how to remove it? This article shows the answers of above questions. Keep reading.

What is LessTabs virus? (Adware Description)

Before explaining the LessTabs virus, it is necessary to know the definition of adware. Generally speaking, adware is a program implementing its tasks of ads-promotion in the manner of popping up ads or performing other commercial appeal, which comes with an aim to earn money. Victims are difficult to realize the infection of adware for the adware is always downloaded and installed in conjunction with free software. In addition, the virus also can slips into the system if users browse some malicious websites or open and download attachments in the email from unknown people. Once installed, the adware may slow down the system operation or cause system exceptions. Furthermore, some spyware, such as key logger and privacy intrusion software, may be integrated in adware to steal personal information.

The LessTabs virus is classified as adware because of the similar symptoms of adware. Different from popping up advertisements, it makes you explore other pages without leaving the page you are visiting. Usually, users just search the wanted content through search engines. Without leaving the page you are on, this annoying adware immediately displays the search results as long as you highlight a word or a phrase.


Is the LessTabs adware a safe program?

The answer is absolutely no! The LessTabs adware displays the search results automatically, which seems helpful and convenient. In the reality, if you want to learn more details, you still need to open the links which may contain malicious links. Sometimes, users highlight words or phrases just because of a reading habit but do not mean to search the words or phrases. However, the LessTabs just mechanically pops up a box each time of receiving the highlight of users. Unstoppable pop-ups make users crazy. In addition, LessTabs adware is compatiable with well-known browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and adds extensions on them. It can easily monitor your browsing history and online actives and even collect your personal information. So, it is highly recommended you get rid of the LessTabs adware as soon as possible.

How to remove the LessTabs virus (Adware Removal Guide)?

Step 1 Uninstall LessTabs through control panel
Step 2 Remove LessTabs add-ons and extensions using Anvi slim Toolbar
Step 3 Block pop up ads and LessTabs using Anvi AD Blocker

Step 1 Uninstall LessTabs through control panel

Windows 8
Move mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen. Click Settings on Charms bar and go to Control Panel. Select Uninstall a program and remove LessTabs related programs.
Windows XP
Go to Start, navigate to Settings and click on Control Panel, navigate to Add or Remove Programs, choose Programs and Features, find LessTabs related programs, and hit Remove.
Windows 7/Vista
Go to Start, navigate to Control Panel, select Uninstall a program/Programs and Features, find LessTabs related programs, and click on Uninstall.


Step 2 Remove LessTabs add-ons and extensions using Anvi Slim Toolbar

LessTabs can add some plugins and extensions on the browsers. These useless plugins and extensions eat your system resources, slow down the computer or even crash the browser under some circumstances. It is necessary to remove these junk extensions and plugins using Anvi slim Toolbar after removing the adware program.
Anvi slim Toolbar is designed to protect and repair browsers including IE, Firefox and Chrome from malicious toolbars. Users are easily captured by useless or even malicious toolbars and add-ons while installing freeware or shareware. This nice program can keep your internet browsers safe and healthy and help you conveniently and quickly remove unwanted add-on/toolbar/extension/plugin installed on. In addition, it also can repair the changed homepages and search engines of browsers including IE, Firefox and Chrome back to their default homepages and search engines. Anvi Slim Toolbar deserves your own.
1 Download and install Anvi Slim Toolbar from official website:

2 Lunch the Anvi Slim Toolba and click on the second Mange tab to scan the extensions and toolbars on the browsers.
3 Select LessTabs related extensions on the browsers including IE, Firefox and Chrome and hit Remove.

Note: If you can’t find the LessTabs under Firefox tab, you need to remove it manually according to the following steps:
Launch the Firefox, go to the Firefox button on the top left corner, and click Add-ons. On the Extensions and Plugin search for the LessTabs add-on and remove it.


Step 3 Block pop up ads and LessTabs using Anvi Ad Blocker

Popup ads are very common on the internet. But you may never know how harmful the adware is until such time that it takes control of your PC. The adware may collect your privacy information and deliver it to third parties, which may cause monetary loss. So, we highly recommend you block these popup ads using Anvi AD Blocker.
Anvi AD Blocker is a popup ads blocking software preventing spyware from infecting computers. The blocker can effectively blocks malicious advertisements and fishing websites. It is matched with antivirus software to protect computers from viruses in real time.
1 Download Anvi AD Blocker
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2 Install and run the program
3 Click MORE>Settings> Click on Blacklist> Hit Add URL> Enter the URL of> Hit Add and close the window> Click Apply to save all changes.

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