Anvi Smart Defender 1.02 Is Coming

Anvisoft announced the release of Anvi Smart Defender 1.02 this Monday. Compared with previous edition, version 1.02 hasn’t seen many revisions in functions or layout, however, is still worth the wait. “Nothing new, only with performance greatly improved” said the Technical Director.

Anvisoft always aims at making the anti-malware program high-efficient and qualified to serve its users. ASD 1.02 won’t disappoint you. It has been improved through various aspects, including software stability, detection rate, and false positives.

Below is the Changelog of Anvi Smart Defender 1.02

- Optimize the engine to significantly reduce the size of the malware database.
- Optimize the engine to reduce the occupancy rate of our real-time protection services on the CPU and memory.
- Optimize the engine to reduce the scanning time by a large degree.
- Optimize the real-time protection to have a smaller impact on the system.
- Optimize the real-time protection to be compatible with the popular anti-virus software.
- Improve the configuration and strategy of cloud scan.
- Fix the MSVCR100.dill missing issue.
- Fix the Wise Folder Hider caused scan crash.
- Fix false positives.
- Added language: Estonian.

The maiden work made by Anvisoft has received too many negative comments and evaluations for past half year. Gratefully, at the same time the team received many positive feedbacks, including bug reports, and other improvement suggestions from numerous users. There’s still room for better creations, so any suggestion is welcomed.

If you have questions or ideas that can help improve the product, please contact Anvisoft Tech Team, or submit your advice to the official Forums. Your attention and contribution are highly evaluated.

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