Cloud System Booster Version 1.1.1 Is Released

Anvisoft, an innovative and productive developer of powerful and practical software, announces the release of Cloud System Booster Version 1.1.1 today. The pro version debuts with multiple new functions added, including:

1. Cute Mini Mode.

2. Automatically download and update database to the newest version on Anvi cloud server.

3. Fast and automatically boost PC performance.

It’s innovative, cute and practical which only takes $19.98. Anvisoft’s intention to replace traditional main screen by a mini mode gives people fresh feelings about how PC optimizer could be. You don’t need to open a windows that occupies half of your computer screen, instead, you can place and drag the smart mini mode to anywhere on the screen. Or you can hide it if you want to.


What makes Cloud System Booster Version 1.1.1 worthwhile?

1. Powerful Cleaner to deep clean out junk files and maximumly free up valuable hard disk space.

2. One-Click solution to clean system and fix PC errors at the same time.

3. Cloud Database enables the optimizer database to always keep updated massively and timely.

4. Fastest engine makes it take less than a second to run, which is the most noticeable feature.

5. Innovative chameleon function inspires you to create your own distinctive skin.

Cloud System Booster has won over numerous satisfied users for the past three months. It’s now on the way to a better and brighter tomorrow.

If you have any good ideas in helping improve the product, or if you’re interested in translating Cloud System Booster into other languages, please email Anvisoft Tech Support or directly submit your suggestions to the official forum. Your comments and feedbacks are highly evaluated.


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