Great News- Anvi Smart Defender Version 1.5 Is Released

Anvisoft team has achieved its promise to add new features in next version as they said on 21 June 2012 when Anvi Smart Defender version 1.02 was released. Never too good to be self-satisfied. The team is always dedicated in improving the product, and seeking for solutions to realize better user experience. Experience will tell you, version 1.5 has achieved the goal. Click here to learn more details about Anvi Smart Defender 1.5.

The major modification made in version 1.5 is its Guard functions which are now set into two parts: Free and Pro. Web guard, Behavior guard, USB guard, and Adware guard are made limited to paid version, while Privacy guard, Startup guard, File guard and Process guard remain free as before.

Another major change is that the Update module is missing; now you can only check for new version and new malware database by clicking the update button on upper right. It is replaced by ToolBox module, where you can find and download more useful tools developed by Anvisoft. Three practical programs are in the list so far, the team claims to research and develop more. What a productive team. Let’s look forward what wonderful achievement they will make.

Anvi Smart Defender 1.5 is designed to satisfy all sorts of people. Whether you are PC novice or PC expert, you can find what you want here. Now since both free edition and pro version are available, you can choose to buy one or use it for free as long as you like. It worths your trail.

Powerful and practical win over people. Though dare not say Anvi Smart Defender 1.5 reached the standard, but one thing is for sure- it’s stepping nearer and nearer. Hope Anvi Smart Defender 1.5 will win over you.


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