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How to Remove Windows Anytime Upgrade Trojan? (Ransomware Removal Guide)

Windows Anytime Upgrade Trojan is the latest discovered Trojan virus. We define is as a ransomeware because it disguises as Microsoft to scan users into paying the “fine” by alerting user with fake message. If you are infected with Windows Anytime Upgrade trojan, you will be unable to do anything on your computer as it […]

Remove Partner37 Mydomainadvisor Redirect Virus

Partner37 Mydomainadvisor is a redirect virus which can hijack your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox browser. No matter what you search for, you will get directed to malicious website which is aimed to scam you into clicking malicious ads. It also collects your personal information for some illegal activity.   Possible symptom after infected […]

Remove Windows Antivirus Machine Virus (Rogueware Removal Guide)

Windows Antivirus Machine Virus a fake anti-virus program which displays you with fake security alerts. Once settled, Windows Antivirus Machine virus pop up you message that your computer is under great danger with virus, Trojans, worms and other threats detected. But when you click to remove and fix the detected threats, you are asked to […]

Live Security Platinum Removal Guide

Live Security Platinum is one of the most destructive and wild-spread rogueware recently. It is a fake antivirus program which pretends to be legitimate program and display fake security alerting. Once installed on your computer, it changes your system settings, disable your anti-virus program as well as hijack your browser. It appears on your computer […]

How to Get Rid of International Police Association (I.P.A.) virus? (Ransomware Removal Guide)

The International Police Association (I.P.A.) is the latest discovered ransomware. It takes the official name to pretend a legitimate organization. Similar to FBI moneypak virus, it takes the same tricks to scam user into paying a “fine” to have victims’ computer unlocked.   The International Police Association (I.P.A.) virus is distributed internationally. Recently it appears […]

Babylon Toolbar and Search Babylon Removal Guid

Babylon toolbar is not a virus; it is an annoying browser add-on application which will take your homepage to It always comes together with babylon translation program or any other freeware. Sometime, it will ask permission before installation, but in some case, it will install itself on users’ computer without letting them know.   […]

How to Remove Windows Ultra Antivirus?

Windows Ultra Antivirus is a fake antivirus program which is wild-spread recently. Once settled it pretends to be a legitimate antivirus program and scans your computer for dangerous virus or malware. It claims that your computer is infected with serious virus. If your computer gets infected with Windows Ultra Antivirus, you will see image below. […]

Windows Active Guard Removal Guide

Windows Active Guard is a fake anti-spyware program which imitates a legitimate security program.  We received the sample about this fake rogueware and analyzed it.  Once settled in, the rogueware will modify the system file to enable itself start automatically when the system starts. Then it will start its malicious activity on victim’s computer by […]

Windows Security System Virus Removal Guide

Windows Security System is a fake anti-spyware program which imitates a legitimate security program. Once your computer gets infected with Windows Security System, you will get constantly fake security alerts about dangerous virus and system error. But that’s not true.   Such fake security programs are always spread via Trojans which are integrated into free […]

How to Remove Windows Security Renewal? (Rogueware Uninstall Guide)

Windows Security Renewal is the latest rogueware we detected. It is a fake anti-virus program which pretends to be a legitimate program. By infecting with Windows Security Renewal, you will get constantly fake security alerting that your computer has many virus and system error issue. But when you click to fix those issues, you are […]

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