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How to Remove Celas virus? (Ransomware Removal Guide)

Celas alert is a computer virus. We also call it ransomware which is designed by scammer to lock your computer desktop and block your internet access. Celas disguise itself as a legitimate organization and it claims that your computer has been locked due to your illegal activity.  To restore the computer service, the Celas virus […]

How to Remove Windows Virtual Firewall? (Spyware Removal Guide)

Windows Virtual Firewall is a fake anti-virus program which pretends to be a legitimate program. It is designed to scam users into believing that their computers have a lot of problem and need the fake anti-virus program to fix those problems. But when you click to solve the problems, you are required to buy Windows […]

Windows Web Combat Rogueware Removal Guide

Windows Web Combat is a rogueware which is designed to display fake security alerting and scam user into sharing their personal information. Windows Web Combat is distributed mainly trough the use of trojans, fake movie and fake well-know software. Once it install on your computer, it will try to show you that your computer is […]

Windows Virtual Angel Removal Guide

Windows Virtual Angel is the newly found fake anti-virus program. It will display you with fake security alerts that your computer malware, virus or any other computer errors have been detected on your computer. The fake program also requires you pay a certain amount of money in order to solve your computer issue. In reality, […]

How to Remove Windows Profound Security?

Windows Profound Security is a fake anti-virus program. We call it rogueware. It will displays fake alerts to scam users into paying a certain amount of money to purchase the fake anti-virus program. Windows Profound security comes from the same family with Windows Virus Hunter as well as Windows Web Commander.   How Windows Profound […]

windows PC Aid Removal Guide

Windows PC Aid is bad software. It usually destroys your computer through the following ways. Unknown websites: files on suspicious or illegal websites are probably bounded with spyware or viruses. They cheat you to purchase for it. Shared network: if you use programs or applications with a shared network, you might be infected with spyware […]

How to Remove Windows Virus Hunter

Windows Virus Hunter is a malicious rogueware that pretends a legitimate antivirus. It is one of the most numerous groups of scareware. When installed, it runs the fictitious scan of your computer and then reports various infections allegedly revealed on your computer. However, all the infection are fake, aiming at promoting you to make payment […]

How to Remove Troj/Ransom-HC? (Quick Uninstall Guide)

Troj/Ransom-HC is an obstinate dangerous computer Trojan designed to dig and collect victim’s confidential information such as email details, personal financial account details. It penetrates into users computers secretly without knowledge, collects users’ online habits and sells such information for illegal commercial benefits. It’s better to get rid of Troj/Ransom-HC immediately to avoid severer damage […]

How to Remove FBI Moneypak Virus

What is FBI Moneypak Virus FBI Moneypak is defined as a ransomware infection. It pretends to display you legitimate message, but in fact the fake messages aim at misleading to purchase a dangerous attacker. So when you are noticed you have been visiting insecure web pages, don’t believe that. This is a trick used to […]

How to Remove Windows Interactive Security? (Uninstall Guide)

The Internet is not a safe place. We have to face various kinds of online threats and numerous variants when we are an active user to the Internet. So arm yourself with certain security knowledge and install your computer with a powerful antivirus program becomes a necessity. Windows Interactive Security seems to infect those who […]

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