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How to Remove Windows Control Series

What is Windows Control Series Windows Control Series is fake rogueware. It pretends being a legitimate virus removal tool which can solve your security issues but in fact nothing useful to offer. If your system is infected with Windows Control Series your system will display security warnings stating that the page you are about to […]

How to Remove is a nasty browser hijack virus. It is one of such advertising websites, always showing you numerous annoying advertisements. Once infected, your any search results will be redirect, change your system setting by registry entries, proxy setting and other critial system processes. So you should remove it before it destroyes your computer further. Signs […]

How to Remove Windows Proprietary Advisor? (Uninstall Guide)

Windows Proprietary Advisor is malware which is also known as rogue security software. It follows a Windows program suite, pretends to be a powerful and reputable antivirus application, which in fact is incapable of doing nothing regarding detecting or removing a virus. Once infected, you will soon find yourself in huge frustration and trouble. Below […]

How to Remove Searchformore Redirect Virus

What is Searchformore? is a malicious browser hijack virus. Once infected, it hijacks web browser and starts interrupting browsing sessions with unwanted redirections. Any search result will be redirected into other websites or advertisements. Besides, it may also spread other kinds of malware, like security shield or other rogues. So if you found you […]

Windows Privacy Extension Quick Removal Guide

  Windows Privacy Extension is another Windows rogue variant which is classified as a fake anti-spyware program. Its malicious behavior can be seen through many ways, such as installs itself on your computer without your actual consent, popup fake scanning alerts, takes over your system to make certain programs unable to start, blocks you from […]

How to Remove

What is is a browser hijack virus. It pretends a normal website that provides favorable information for goods, but you will be redirected forcedly when searching something in Google or other legit search engines. Once infected, you may get unwanted popups frequently, which highly consumes your system resources and slow down your computer […]

Windows Custom Management Removal Instructions

Be careful with Windows Custom Management, it’s a fake anti-spyware, not a powerful security application that detects numerous virus infections on your system as it displayed in front of you. It’s fake and malicious, stay away from it to avoid potentially tricks. Such application is designed to deceive unsuspecting PC users into believing their computers […]

Windows Premium Console Uninstall Guide

“Keylogger activity detected. System information security is at risk” is a notification popped up by Windows Premium Console, which is designed to scare people into believing their computer is under attack, crooks are stealing their private information to a remote computer. Such trick is efficacious. Indeed, it’s quite scary to get this kind of alert […]

How to Remove

What is viru is a malicious redirect virus. Once infected, it will redirect you into unwanted sites or advertisements. The would push you use it as your search site and default home site. The virus can steal your privacy information if you don’t remove timely. Signs of Virus Infection 1. It […]

Windows Advanced Toolkit Removal Instructions

Windows Advanced Toolkit is a big trick. Don’t take for granted that it’s an antivirus program only judging from its name. You need brighter eyes to check out what real deceits it holds there. Below is a screenshot of Windows Advanced Toolkit. Hope you are not being trapped by its tricks to believe, more seriously, purchase […]

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