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How to Remove DNS Changer Virus

What is DNS changer virus? DNS changer is a type of trojan horse as well as spyware. I have been found on numerous websites disguising itself as a video codec. Once installed, it can change your computer settings, and thus your any search result will be redirected into malicious sites. What is more, it can […]

How to Get Rid of Vgrabber

1. Open up your Task Manager by hitting crtl+alt+del. 2. Click on the Process tab and locate the program “vgrabber.exe”. 3. Highlight that process and click on the “End Process” button. 4. Remove the following files: %DesktopDir%\vGrabber YouTube Download.lnk %Temp%\nso6.tmp\nsProcess.dll %Temp%\nsoA.tmp\nsProcess.dll %Temp%\nsr3.tmp\setup.exe %Temp%\nsr3.tmp\setup.exe %Programs%\vGrabber\vGrabber.lnk %ProgramFiles%\vGrabber\appicon.ico %ProgramFiles%\vGrabber\libgcc_s_dw2-1… %ProgramFiles%\vGrabber\mingwm10.dll %ProgramFiles%\vGrabber\phonon4.dll %ProgramFiles%\vGrabber\youtubeDL.exe If you don’t know what I […]

How to Remove Fccu4o20iv.exe

Fccu4o20iv.exe is a malicious seditious trojan. It can access your computer as you are deriving files from the zip archive. Once attacked, it can cause some program icons missing and steal your private details. Fccu4o20iv.exe can come with email attachments or additional spyware.   How dangerous the virus is! 1. It can change your registry […]

Cloud System Booster Ranks 5 Stars on CNET among the Top List of Similar Tools

This week Cloud System Booster is picked out by CNET which is a reputed download site in US to test and in the review of Cloud System Booster on CNET, the editor gives it 5 stars among the top list of similar tools. According to the review of Cloud System Booster on CNET, this PC […]

How to Remove Win.Malware.gen

Win32.Malware.gen is a dangerous trojan horse.Once infected, it can cause your computer to crash. Moreover, you even can’t open computer in safe mode. Win32.Malware.gen virus always slows down your pc. So keep in mind the virus is a big probelm, and you should remove it as soon as possible. Win32.Malware-gen is very sneaky as it […]

How to Remove Congratulations, you’ve won! Virus

“Congratulations, you’ve won!” is a virus that always pops up in various forms for a while. It creates a start-up registry entry and modifies the driver settings. The virus always annoys you and influences your computer performance. How Do You Know Being Infected 1. Slow Computer Performance 2. Annoying Pop-Ups 3. Taskbar Warnings 4. Strange […]

How to Get Rid of Windows Advanced Security Center

Windows Advanced Security Center is a rogueware similar to Firewall. It will display numerous counterfeit infection warnings to promote people to buy a “license”. When infected, you can get unwanted pop-ups on your screen and slow computer performance. So remove Windows Advanced Security Center right now. Ho You Can Get Infected with Windows Advanced Security […]

How to Remove Windows Safety Wizard (Removal Guide)

Windows Safety Wizard is not legitimate software although it’s designed as an anti-spyware program. It cheats users by its fake design. It acts like an anti-spyware program because it will scan your PC deliberately. After performing a fake scanning, it will display false reports of your PC. In most cases, it might say that one […]

How to Get Rid of Live Security Platinum

What is Live Security Platinum Live Security Platinum is a malicious rogueware. It uses fake online security scanners and malicious websites to exploit computer’s security vulnerabilities to install the bogus program. Once infected, the rogueware pretend to scan and detect Trojans, worms and spyware on your computer. However, all of these are fake. The rogue […]

How to Remove BeesQ Virus is a type of malicious redirect virus. It can redirect every search and every web page to or other virus/adware websites. When infected, may steal information and access personal details of users OS system, picture, online user account information, etc. Manual removal of BeesQ Virus For Internet Explore: 1 Open Internet Explorer […]

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