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How to Remove is a malicious redirect virus to change your computer settings and desktop background. Once infected, your search results in browsers will redirect you to some malicious sites or unwanted advertisements. This virus may install babylon search toolbar on your browser so that it can easily do its nasty activities. Remove Manually 1. Press”Ctrl+Alt+Del”to […]

How to Uninstall Windows Guard Tools

Windows Guard Tools is a counterfeit anti-spyware program. Once installed, it will drag your computer into risk. It blocks some important system tasks and always displays you some potential threats are detected and you need to remove them in order to protect your privacy. However, all of them are fake, aiming at trick you to […]

How to Remove Registry Helper Virus

What is Registry Helper Virus?   Registry Helper is a fake computer protection tool which enters the system with the help of trojan horse. Once installed, it can imitate computer scans and displays rogue security threats to trick users into purchasing illegal version of the application. So don’take action on these warning. Remove Fake Registry […]

How to Get Rid of Virus

Mystart Incredibar is regarded as a kind of malicious toolbar or browser hijacker. Once settled, it can resets your computer settings and changes registry entry, modify your browser search settings and your home page. Mystart Incredibar will also cause unexpected web browser probem and make the as your default search engine and home page. […]

How to Get Rid of Winupdate.exe

Winupdate.exe is an executable file of the Tado Trojan virus. Once secretly installed on your computer, privacy and credit card information can be stealed from a remote computer. So you should remove them. How You May Get Winupd.exe. 1. Sometimes, freeware or shareware is bundled with spyware. 2. Peer-to-peer program can put your system at […]

How to Remove Microsoft Security Essentials

The Microsoft Security Essentials is a malicious Trojan virus that pretends as legitimate antivirus software to trick you that your computer is infected with unknown Win32/Trojan. Once infected, you will be prompted to purchase the full version of the rogue program to remove threats.   Fake Microsoft Security Essential Alerts   1. The application taskmgr.exe […]

How to Remove

What is is also a malicious redirect virus from the large family It pretends to be a legitimate search engine that always hijacks web browsers. Your any search results will be redirected into unwanted or advertising websites. is dangerous to steal your privacy and slow down computer performance. So you should […]

How to Remove Browser Hijack Virus

WWW.COM is a type of malicious browser hijack virus. Once infected, your home page will be changed into Otherwise, any search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing will be redirected into some malicious sites and advertisements. If keeping too long in computer, this virus can steal privacy and credit card, so it is very […]

Security Shield Removal Tool

Recently, we received many users’ request and feedback of rogue Security Shield removal. Our Anvi Smart Defender could detect it and remove it. But now a days these rogues are smarter and smarter. If one PC was infected by Security Shield, it will block task manager, and block real antivirus installation, such as AVG. If […]

Attention! Be aware of Smart Fortress 2012

Recently a malware called Smart Fortress 2012 virus is spreading on the Internet, many people have suffered from this malware because it acts like an antivirus program, but actually steals privacy and make money from it. Many people have solved this issue after our previous post “How to Remove Smart Fortress 2012 (Removal Instructions)”, but […]

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