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Meister Penalty Document Ransomware Removal Guide

Meister Penalty Document, also with the name of Master Penalty Document, is a brand new ransomware program that appears recently to lock compromised computer. It takes the same tactics as FBI Moneypak ransomware to scam PC users. Once settled on the compromised computer, it begins to start the malicious program and write to Windows registry. […]

How to completely remove Backdoor.Multi.Zaccess.Gen (removal guide)

Backdoor.Multi.Zaccess.Gen is defined as a Trojan horse and behaves similar to its family members such as Backdoor.Finfish, Backdoor.DAVINCI.1, Backdoor.Hikit, Backdoor.Juasek. It targets at almost all Windows systems so the distribution range is worldwide. To remove Backdoot.Multi.Zaccess.Gen is a very tough thing because it locates in the deep root of the system by using rookit technology, […]