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This post depicts and introduces a manual removal guide of it.

***************************************************************************** is classified as browser hijacker which can settle down without user’s consent and permission and cause plenty of annoying browser problems to the infected computer. It may redirect, hijack and modify user’s internet browsers, and block many computer tasks. Every time you try to open the website you prefer, it redirects you to and keeps popping up nettlesome advertisements. may be bundled with other spyware or adware which may contain rookits and Trojans. It aims at stealing user’s personal information including bank account information, credit card information, social security number and other very confidential information.

As soon as you see below screenshot, you’d better be cautious and carry out an effective removal to make your computer avoid damages.


In order to ensure there is no other virus or malware in your computer, you are highly recommended to download Anvi Smart Defender to give your computer a full and quick scan and remove them automatically.

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How to remove  fast and permanently  remove removal guide)

Step1: Check your hosts file. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

Step2: Open hosts with notepad.

Step3: Delete more lines of code and IPs, and then save the change.

The hoses files should be the same as below image:

Step4: Check your DNS settings. Go to Start menu→Control Panel→right-click Local Area Connection→double-click Properties

Step5: Choose Internet Protocol(TCP/IP), and then click on Properties

Step6: Label: Obtain DNS server address automatically or Obtain an IP address automatically, and then click OK

Step7: Open Internet Explorer and reveal Menu bar by pressing Alt.

Step8: Reset your browser a secure homepage.Click on Tools →choose Internet Options→select General, and then type in the blank a secure websites such as or directly select Use blank

Step9: Click Advanced and double-click Reset.

Step10: Check: Delete personal settings in the pop-up window, and choose Reset

Step11: Search out and remove all associated toolbars. Open Internet Explorer →ToolsManage Add-ons→check: Check and Remove suspicious toolbar

Step12: Give a full scan to your computer and clean all related components by Anvi Smart Defender (referrer above)

Step13: Restart your computer.


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