How to Remove from Internet Explorer New Tab?

The quickest and easiest way to remove and repair your Internet Explorer to normality.


Internet Explorer Users ONLY:


Step 1: Download Anvi Smart Defender (Tool needed for this fix) by clicking the Download Now button below.




You will be taken to CNET Download site (the website we trust), Click Download Now to continue the operation.



Step 2: Find and install the program.



Step 3: Switch to ToolBox. (The last option)



Step 4: Click on Anvi Browser Repair Tool (Enabled in ASD Free/Pro)



Step 5: Change the homepage by putting the desired URL in the blank space circled in Read.



Step 6: Check the options according to your needs. (Default settings recommended)



Step 7: Click the Fix button to complete the operation.


Step 8: Reboot your PC to enjoy a disinfected system. is supposed to be completely removed.


Note: Browser Repair Tool currently only supports Internet Explorer Redirect Fix. For Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, the function will be launched in next version. If you have any good ideas that may help improve our products, please feel free to contact us at

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