How to Remove Windows Secure Workstation (Removal Guide)

How to Remove Windows Secure Workstation (Removal Guide)

Are you annoyed by Windows Secure Workstation spotted on 13 August, 2012? Windows Secure Workstation is just another scam from the notorious rogue family FakeVimes: Windows Antivirus Release, Windows Interactive Safety, Windows Ultimate Safeguard, Windows Security Renewal, Windows Anti-malware Patch, Windows Active Guard, Windows Virtual Security, Windows Antivirus Machine, Windows Ultra-antivirus, etc. This rogue antispyware program aims at cheating money by showing up false alerts repeatedly. So how is Windows Secure Workstation spread? It mainly spreads through three ways. Way 1:The rogue installs without your consent via using of hacked web site which utilize those assailable programs. Way 2: There will display fake online anti-malware scanners which affect to scan user’s computer, show that pc is infected, then prompt users to download and install Windows Secure Workstation. Finally, it also spreads by Trojans that pretend to be software ordered to view an online video. Windows Secure Workstation behaves is similar to its family members. If you see images as below, please attention. Your pc has already been infected.


While the rogue is running, it will display many false security wanings. Some of them are as following:


There’s a suspicious software running on your PC.For more details, run a system file check. “


Firewall has blocked a program from accessing

the Internet

Windows XP USER API Clien:DLL


User32.dll is suspended to have infected your PC. This type of virus intercepts entered data and transmits them to a remote server.


Please click “Prevent attack” button to prevent all attacks and protect your PC.”

Never be cheated as those massages presented on your screen. Now you are fortunate enough to get a valid way to wipe out Windows Secure Workstation thoroughly.

How to Remove Windows Secure Workstation (Removal Guide)

Step1: Restart/boot your pc into safe mode with internet working

Step2: Launch your Internet Explorer, click on Tools→Internet Options(on the bottom of the shown-down window).

Step3: Click on the Connections tab→Lan Settings.

Step4: Uncheck the “Use a proxy server” checkbox as below image:

Step5: Click OK to close Internet Explorer browser.

Step6: Download Windows Secure Workstation Killer (Windows Secure Workstation Killer.exe) to remove this malware.



Step7:Download Anvi Smart Defender to remove the potential components of  Windows Secure Workstation. Anvi Smart Defender is highly recommended to you for its perfect function.

Step8: Restart your pc to normal.

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    It is a 3-Bars icon on the top right corner of Google Chrome web browser.

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