Remove System Progressive Protection Rogueware (Uinstall Guide)

System Progressive Protection is one of the most destructive and wild-spread rogueware recently. It is a fake antivirus program that pretends to be legitimate program and claims to scan your computer for malware. It displays fake security alerting and tries to scare you into purchasing the fake antivirus program. Once settled on your computer, System Progressive Protection changes your system settings, disables your anti-virus program as well as hijacks your browser. What’s more, you are not allowed to turn off the rogueware. It appears on your computer as shown in following screenshot:



As you see in the screenshot, System Progressive Protection performs a scan and alerts you that your computer is infected with various Trojans, worms, and spyware. Actually, the alerting message is not true. If you click to remove the infections, you are asked to pay a certain amount of money. Please never pay money to scammers; it will not help you to solve your computer problem.


System Progressive Protection is very annoying that it ruins your internet life. When you try to open your browser and visit a certain website, you will get warning message, and when you try to upload or download some program, you will also get warning message like following:


Warning! The site you are trying visit may harm your computer!

Your security setting level puts your computer at risk!

Activate System Progressive Protection, and enable safe web surfing (recommended).

Ignore warnings and visit that site in the current stat (not recommended).



To protect itself, System Progressive Protection will also prohibit running of any programs you attempt and will state that they are infected. It so, you are unable to run any security or anti-virus programs that can assist in its removal. The message that you will see when it terminates a program, like this:



Application cannot be executed. The file GoogleUpdate.exe infected.

Please activate your antivirus software.:


Important note: All above message are fake, if you need to download or run any program, please just ignore these security alerts. System Progressive Protection is a potential threat to your personal information. I highly recommended you follow below instruction to remove System Progressive Protection completely to secure your operating system and personal data.


System Progressive Protection Removal Guide:


Step1, Download anti-malware program Anvi Smart Defender to kill System Progressive Protection.


You may get warning message from System Progressive Protection that the program you try to download is a malware or Trojan. Please just ignore the warning message and go on to download the required anti-malware program.


You may be blocked from downloading any program from internet. If you are blocked from downloading programs, please reboot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking and download the required removal tool. To do so, please hold on pressing F8 key during the restart till the Advanced Windows Options menu comes up and then use the arrow key on the keyboard to highlight the Safe Mode with Networking and then hit Enter to make it happen.


You can also take alternative way to get the required anti-malware tool that is downloading files that needed to kill the malware from another computer and transfer them via a CD/DVD, USB flash drive or external drive to the infected computer.


Step2, Run a full scan with Anvi Smart Defender to remove System Progressive Protection rogueware and other related malware infections.  We offer both a free version for basic virus removal and a pro version for positive guard. Both are available to enhance your computer security together with your installed antivirus.


Step3. Restart your computer as required to completely remove the threats from System Progressive Protection.


Step4. (Optional) You may still suffer internet connection problem on your computer after you totally remove System Progressive Protection. You may need to check your LAN settings by Going to Tool->Internet Options in Internet Explorer, and then under the Connections of Internet Options menu, click LAN settings and then there will open a LAN settings window shown as below picture, please uncheck the “use a proxy server “ checkbox as shown below. Please note, chances are the “use a proxy server” checkbox is originally unchecked and that is OK and means the rogue has not modified it yet.



Tips: System Progressive Protection is distributed by the use of fake online security scanners and malicious websites to exploit computer’s security vulnerabilities to install the bogus program. It is also distributed by the use of famous movie, alluring video, famous freeware as well as cracked shareware. We kindly remind you that take care when you go to internet.

Should you have any problem in the process of removing System Progressive Protection, please refer to our forum article for further assistance.


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