How to Remove Safely and Completely? (Removal Guide)

Are you tangled by and have no way to get rid of it? This article will give you a description of it and manual removal guide to erase it from your pc completely.

************************************************************** is defined as a browser hijacker infection. Below is a screenshot of, you will find it is too genuine that you can not believe it is malicious. But please bear in mind, this is a typical attack. Once infected, can redirect your browsers and change your homepage settings, block your resource, display lots of annoying pop up advertisements. Its chief aim is to gain your personal data (account details, private phone number, etc.), and important information of your friends who contact you in Facebook frequently. The worse is the hijacker may not only annoy you, but also bring some terrible things to your friends because it may send virus, scam links, and malicious attachments to your friends by acting as you. The worst thing is that you may lose your bank card account, password, etc. which can cause huge economic losses to you.


Removal guide of

Step1: Restart/boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking. Tap “F8” constantly before Windows launches. Use the arrow keys to highlight SafeMode with Networking, and then press ENTER


Step2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Open Windows Task Manager.


Note: If it doesn’t work, try another way. Go to Start menu and click on the Run option. This will start the Run tool. Type in Task Manager and press OK.


Step3: Click on the Processes tab within Windows Task Manager. Find the random name.exe, and search for required process in the list, then select it and click on End Process.


Step4: Delete associated files of in Local Disk C


SteP5: Remove registry entries of


Step6: Restart your computer into normal mode


Step7: Download and install Anvi Smart Defender( highly recommended) to give your pc an overall scan and remove all potential files and folders.


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  • Ivy_Anvisoft

    Hi Bob,

    I am sorry for any problem. Could you please try following suggestion:

    Troubleshooting network security key mismatch
    The first thing that you should do on retrieving the password on a network security key mismatch is to use the computer that was originally used to set up the router providing the Wi-Fi access and the network security key. There is usually a Wi-Fi access icon at the bottom right hand corner of the monitor screen which you should click that will allow you see the password in cases of network security key mismatch. However it is often shown as something like (*****); the number of asterisk relies on the length of the password.

    Newer versions of operation systems give you the option to reveal the actual characters used in the password and if you are the type who normally updates software on your PC, your network security key mismatch issue is over. However for older operating systems, the character revealing feature is absent when it comes to having a network security key mismatch. Therefore, this would result to going back to the router and try to set up the gadget as if you just bought it. Each model has its own manual as to setting it up but it always involves connecting the router to the computer and the internet providing device via LAN cables. The user name and the password for setting up the router are provided by the manual by default assuming that you have not changed it (most username is usually “admin” and the password is usually “admin” as well. Once you reach the final phase of the set up, you will be asked to provide a new network key. This time to prevent a future network security key mismatch, it would be wise to write it down as soon as you are done. You may not have retrieved the old password but you get to gain access wirelessly with the new one solving obviously your network security key mismatch.

    Hope it works for you.