Anvi Smart Defender v1.8 Review

Anvisoft continues to release Anvi Smart Defender v1.8 after Cloud Systems Booster v2.0 and Anvi Smart Defender v1.7. Counting on both the paid and free version, Anvisoft wants to augment your antivirus solution with a top-quality anti-malware program. Anvi Smart defender is a powerful anti-malware program which provides you with multiple scan levels as well as cloud-based scanning and optimize your PC and repair issues caused by malware and garbage files.



The 3-step standard installation is the same as the previous versions, which takes you less than two minutes. The installation process is impressively fast, even if you need to uninstall the old version.



Anvi Smart Defender v1.8’s interface has changed much over the past versions. What makes v1.8 different from the past versions is the new-added Care-home page which tells users the security status of their computer and reminds users of scanning computers timely. Free features and paid features are all well arranged at the center of the Care-home page. Five feature buttons–Scan, Cloud Scan, Guard, PC Tuneup and Toolbox are parallel with the Care-home button. At the top, there’s navigation to Update, Settings, Log Center and Help. On the bottom-right is the advertisement center where you can easily read the real-time offers by Anvisoft.



Five buttons define Anvi Smart Defender’s features: Scan, Cloud Scan, Guard, PC Tuneup, and Toolbox.

Scan includes Quick Scan, Full Scan and Customer Scan. Anvi Smart Defender scans completed quickly and finds results similar to other famous malware scanners. The Custom Scan option lets users select which disks and directories to scan.

Cloud Scan is absolutely a highlight of Anvi Smart Defender. Users could drag and drop individual files into the Cloud Scan for verification.

There are eight Guard utilities: Privacy, Startup, File and Process, which are activated by default; Web, Behavior, USB and Adware, which are paid utilities.

The PC Tuneup tab has a variety of extra tools for cleaning and tweaking PC system, including System Optimize, Registry Fix (pro), Privacy Cleaner, Memory Sweep and Disk Defragment. The Registry Fix and Disk Defragment are not selected by default because the former is a paid tool and the latter process takes a long time and does not to be done very often.

Toolbox packs a useful suite of system maintenance and privacy utilities including Cloud System Booster for daily system maintenance;Windows Update Downloader for emergency Windows updates issue fix; Anvi Ad Blocker as a filter of annoying ads, malicious websites and unwanted websites; Anvi Browser Repair Tool for browser settings repair with one-click. More are under developing.



Anvi Smart Defender is a powerful anti-malware program that can help users easily and quickly scan and clean their computers. Real-time updated database can also effectively protect your computer from malware. A good anti-malware program can provide your computer with an extra layer of protection together with anti-virus program, especially you find the this anti-malware programs also packs a useful suite of system maintenance and privacy utilities.

  • Clydefd

    I have ran Anvi Rescue disk several times and I still cannot use the computer. It always says that it looses connection just before it completes the scan. It found 2 errors the first time I ran it, and none since. I cannot run the Anvi Smart Defender program at all. Restart computer and it goes to the same virus screen.