Cloud System Booster 2.0 Review

Cloud System Booster 2.0 is released by Anvisoft as a computer system maintenance tool based on Windows Operation System. Specifically this program can be also classified as a system cleaner & optimizer tool, registry cleaner tool because in order to boost the computer performance, it functions mainly in four aspects including throwing out junk files, optimizing system services, fixing registry errors and cleaning up apps. However, what sets this cleaner program apart from others is its cloud-based search engine and online cloud database with benefits based on user experiences and data share, enabling this program boost the computer performance in a more efficient manner.


 The main screen of Cloud System Booster 2.0

This program gives people nimble experiences of system maintenance utilities in a simple way, fronted by an interface that showcases an outstanding use of highlight icons, making intricate system cleaning easy to do. Themed up with classic black and blue, the main screen of Cloud System Booster 2.0 includes four aspects, each with an access to detail settings for professional use, as well as a conspicuous rounded Boost button to start the scan, functioning all its magic effects. Also there is an expert mode with items in details to scan in order to meet the needs of professional users.


I’ve downloaded this program for testing this morning.  For someone who is stubbornly fond of system cleaning like me, its fast scan and efficient cleaning work do surprise me. The install is fast and easy, not many clicks like others.  Furthermore, after its install, it was so considerate to automatically create a system restore point for possible needs. By the way, this is a selective choice. By searching through its interface, this program also kindly introduces some facilities to perform system restore, proxy network setting and some other general settings.


The Toolbox of Cloud System Booster 2.0

The last but not the least, what interest me the most is its toolbox, temporarily including the Anvi RAM Booster and Anvi Uninstaller. The former is more like a monitor and optimizer of system RAM and resource usage in real time and the later is nice just to continue the Cloud System Booser’s  considerate experiences by not only including a program list to uninstall but also other aspects including recently installed, large programs and system patches for convenient look-up.



The  Anvi RAM Booster in Toolbox of Cloud System Booster 2.0


I also tried the functions of its Pro edition. The App cleaning up is just done in its symbolically efficient manner. Since also automatically connected to Cloud Database online, it seems working faster and smoother, yet not that much. The automatic scan and automatic optimizer of the RAM Booster also offer me more convenient, smarter and smoother experiences of use. In a word, if its cool black and blue interface suits your appetite, its cleaning work should make you complacent and the experience of Cloud System Booster boosting your PC system performance will be even much better in its Pro edition use.

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