Cloud System Booster v2.0 Has Been Released Today

Today, a new version of Cloud System Booster-Cloud System Booster 2.0 has finally been released. Cloud System Booster is a system optimization program which is designed to speed up users’ computer performance by cleaning the invalid registry, unneeded junk files and more. The program wins wild popularity since its release.


Cloud System Booster V2.0 team has made lots of improvements and added more new features to better help us optimize their computer for better performance. Please allow me to express my sincere thanks to those volunteers who help us to translate the program. My thanks also go to those who help us to fix the bugs by providing us useful information. Hope you can enjoy this version.


Some highlights of Cloud System Booster V2.0:


New features:


1) New-added log center. Users can check Cloud System Booster scan log by checking Logs.

2) New-added toolbox.  Users download and install Anvisoft tool quickly.  More tools will be developed and added in the toolbox menu in the near further.



1) Better user-friendly GUI. Cloud System Booster team researches and develops comprehensive new program interface.

2) Easy-to-use program settings and mechanism. Cloud System Booster V2.0 adjusts the settings to better favor expert users.

3) Mini Booster removed. According to users’ suggestion, Anvisoft team removed the impractical function, mini boost.

4) Pro functions adjusted.



Cloud System Booster PRO features and functions:


Cloud-based Online Database Update: Automatically connected to the Cloud-based Online Database and real-timely updated


Automatic PC Boost: Automatically boost the PC performance on schedule


Upgraded Utilities in Toolbox: Upgraded utility use in toolbox, e.g. Perfect Uninstaller, Auto Scan of Anvi Monitor, etc


Application Cleaner: Clean up multimedia apps, office software & other installed apps to enable a better-performing OS


24/7 Technical Support online: Real-time solution to your special questions and issues related to Cloud System Booster


Main screen of Cloud System Booster 2.0:



Now, download and install Cloud System Booster 2.0 to enjoy fast computer performance.



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