How to completely and safely remove Win 8 Security System (Removal Guide)

Win Security System is a typical fake anti-spyware discovered latest settling down into user’s computer without his/her knowledge of permission. Once infected, Win Security System displays fake security messages and alerts which claim that the computer is infected with spyware or other malware to trick victims into paying for fixing their systems. Systems get infected with Win 8 Security System after visiting infected websites.

Below is screenshot of Win 8 Security System:

To remove Win 8 Security System is a very tough thing because it is bundled with a rookit which can protect Win 8 Security System from being detected and removed.

The only purpose of Win 8 Security System is to extort money from victims, if you are suffering from it, just ignore and remove it immediately.

How to remove Win 8 Security System (Removal Guide)

There are two options for you to remove Win 8 Security System, but the manual removal is little hard to victims who are not experiences users such as IT specialists or highly qualified system administrators. You are highly recommended to carry out an automatic removal.

Option1: Remove Win 8 Security System automatically

Step1: Download Anvi Smart Defender.

Free download link:

Step2: Install the file you downloaded.

Step3: Scan fully and remove all components of Win 8 Security System through Win 8 Security System.

Options2: Remove Win 8 Security System manually.

Step1: Restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.

Step2: Go to Registry Editor and remove all Win 8 Security System registry entries. Open Registry Editor. Press Windows+R or go to Start menu→Run, type in regedit, and then click OK.


Registry entries:

random2 – name of the rootkit file name.

Step3: Uninstall Win 8 Security System related files:

%StartMenu%\Programs\Win 8 Security System\
%StartMenu%\Programs\Win 8 Security System\Buy Win 8 Security System.lnk
%StartMenu%\Programs\Win 8 Security System\Launch Win 8 Security System.lnk
%UserProfile%\Desktop\Buy Win 8 Security System.lnk

Step4: Run Anvi Smart Defender (referred above) to give a full scan to your computer and remove all potential components of Win 8 Security System

Step 5: Restart your computer in normal mode.

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