How to Get Rid of Windows Interactive Safety?

Windows Interactive Safety is a rogueware which will perform a false virus scan and display fake security alerts. As any other roguewares, once settled, Windows Interactive Safety will not allow you to run your anti-virus program as well as any other Windows applications to avoid removal. It will also disable your internet connection by modifying your LAN settings, DNS settings and host files. And you will see picture below:


Windows Interactive Safety is distributed by the use of hacked websites, well-known freeware or cracked shared software and malicious movie or videos. Basically, the scammers hack websites and input the malicious code to exploit vulnerabilities on your computer to install the computer infection or they input the malicious code in freeware or cracked shard software to scam victim.


When the Trojan virus or malicious code invades a computer, it will install the malicious program Windows Interactive Safety automatically and create windows registry as well as make itself as an essential part of the system file. And then it will start a fake scan and display you fake security warning that your computer is under great danger. Some of the messages you may see include following:



Trojan activity detected. System data security is at risk.

It is recommended to activate protection and run a full system scan.



Attempt to modify registry key entries detected. Registry entry analysis is recommended.



Attempt to run a potentially dangerous script detected.

Full system scan is highly recommended.



Important Note: Above alerting message are not true. Please never pay money to scammers. It does not help to fix your problem. It will collect your personal information as well as your financial data. Please take action now to remove the rogueware.


Windows Interactive Safety Removal Guide:


1. Download Windows Interactive Safety Removal Tool developed by Anvisoft.  Since Windows Interactive Safety is very difficult to remove, Expert from Anvisoft developed a little special tool to help victim remove the rogueware with an easy way. Please download the tool from following link:


Important Note: If your are unalbe to download the required tool directly on normal mode, please reboot your computer into safe mode with networking and then download the tool. You can also download the required tool on your another computer, and transfer the tool via CD/DVD,USB drive or any other external drive to infected computer.


2. After downloading, double click on the “freetools/windows-interactive-safety-killer.exe” and the fake program will be killed and removed. Then you will see picture below:

Important Note: If the killer is blocked from running, please rename the file: freetools/windows-interactive-safety-killer.exe as explorer.exe. Then double click on the file and the fake program will be killed and removed.


3. After killing the rogue, you still need a malware removal tool to scan your system completely to remove all infections. Download Anvi Smart Defender by clicking following link:


Now, your computer should be clean. For more information regarding Windows Interactive Safety Rrogueware problem, please read our tutorial in our official forum.

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