How to Remove Redirect Virus

What is is a malicious browser redirect virus. Seemingly, is legitamate. However, it takes control of the browser and redirect any search result into some unwanted web pages or advertisements. can steal your privacy and slow computer. So you need to remove it immediately.


How You Can Get Infection with

1. Don’t click links and download attachment from a unknown email. These links and attachments may carry virus.

2. Don’t download a freeware, shareware and files from some unknown and suspicious sites. Choose some legitimate sites.

3. Never use an unsolicited drive-checking site.

Remove Virus

1. Press”Ctrl+Alt+Del” to open Task Manager, and stop the  process

2. Click “Start” and input regedit in the search box open registry. Delete the files about files in the registry exactly as followings:

3. Search for the files and delete below:
c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart
Documents and SettingsAll

Note: Manual removal of browser hijacker might be a difficult task, because it requires some knowledge about the system architecture. So it is better recommended to use a automatic virus removal tool.

Download the virus removal tool:

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