How to Remove Best Virus Protection

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What Is Best Virus Protection


Best Virus Protection is a bogus antivirus program. With the similar GUI as Microsoft Security Essentials, most people can’t distinguish it from real Microsoft software. You can quickly recognize it by the name – Best Virus Protection. It’s a rogue program, please keep away from it at once.


We also provide the fake program’s screen shot as a reference.




What You May Lose If Your PC Infected with Best Virus Protection


1) Money. Many users don’t know the Best Virus Protection is a bogus program at first, so they paid money and thought that they bought a legal program take for granted

2) Credit Card Numbers, Passwords, User Names. The purpose is not pure, often they were installed with Trojans, so they possibly would steal user’s credit card information.


According to Anvisoft Labs Research Center, there are many other types of malicious behaviors of Best Virus Protection. You should get rid of it immediately.


The Tricky Ways of Luring Users Buy Best Virus Protection

Best Virus Protection uses the traditional ways of cheating users. Most common ways are fake alerts and pop-up warnings. 
Below are some samples:











How to Remove Best Virus Protection

If your computer was infected with Best Virus Protection, you should remove it from your computer urgently because it may cause a large amount of loss of your property, including credit card information, privacy information, etc. Please follow the instructions as suggested:


The debugged registration key would temporarily stop its fake alerts, so please enter one of the following keys to Activate.Note: The key is legal and without any harm because the Best Virus Protection isn’t genuine software.




And then please:
1) Download free malware removal tool Anvi Smart Defender
2) Install Malware Remover — Anvi Smart Defender

3) Run a full scan
4) After scanning, remove all threats detected by malware removal tool
5) Restart your computer

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