How to remove Celas ransomware (Removal Guide)

How to remove Celas ransomware (Removal Guide)

Do you have any idea of Celas ransomware? Is it annoying you now? This is the right place to solve your troubles.



Celas ransomware is a Trojan virus that targets at collecting money from victims whose pc are infected. It behaves similar to virus which have already been killed such as Reveton Trojan Ransomwar, Interpol-Department of Cybercrime Virus and Microsofr Windows Ukash. Once infected, it will download some additional applications and poisonous programs to damage your system and lock your pc. If you want to unlock your pc, you must pay money to the attacker. Celas ransomware can also clutter all files and cause many terrible problems, redirects browsers and changes browser homepage settings, slows down your pc including opening programs, shutting down, and slow Internet. It also corrupt windows registry and displays annoying pop up advertisements. Worst of all, your sensitive data such as passwords, credit card, bank account information etc. might be stolen.



If this screenshot shows on your pc, your pc has already infected. Read this page more and get the method to remove Celas ransomware completely.



How to remove Celas ransomware

Step1: Boot / restart your pc into Safe Mode with networking.


Step2: Open Task Manager by pressing keys Alt+Ctrl+Delete, then end all Celas ransomware running processes.( Celas ransomware runs without your permission, so you need to end them in Task Manager)


Step3: Find Celas ransomware associated files and remove all of them


Step4: Open Registry Editor by pressing Windows +R and type in regedit

Step5: Find out all associated files of Celas ransomware and delete them entirely.


Step6: Download Anvi Smart Defender to scan your computer and remove all leftovers


Step7: Restart your pc into normal mode.


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