How to Remove Celas virus? (Ransomware Removal Guide)

Celas alert is a computer virus. We also call it ransomware which is designed by scammer to lock your computer desktop and block your internet access. Celas disguise itself as a legitimate organization and it claims that your computer has been locked due to your illegal activity.  To restore the computer service, the Celas virus alerts you that you need to pay a sum of money. But as a matter as fact, it does not help even if you pay for the money, the only way to restore the computer service is to get rid of this ransomware.

If you are unluckily got a Celar virus, you will see following screen:


Besides that, you will also get following message:


Access to your computer was denied.

Illegally downloaded music tracks [in other words, ”pirated copies”] have been detected at your PC.”

While being downloaded the before mentioned tracks were copied – that’s also a criminal offensein conformity with 106 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


By getting infected with Celas virus, you will get following problems:

1. Your access to the system will be locked.

2. You are disabled to enter in Safe Mode with Networking.

3. Your files will be wiped out.

4. Your system data will be stolen and transmitted to remote servers.


We highly recommend you follow steps below to remove Celas virus. Under no circumstance should you pay any money to the scammers as this could make you lost your personal financial information.It would be easy for you to remove Celas if you have created System Restore point for your system.

1. Restart your computer, keep pressing F8 to enter the Advanced Boot Options screen, and select Repair your computer.

2. Select your keyboard language preferences and click on Next.

3. Log on with an administrator account or an account that has administrator credentials and click on OK to continue.

4. Select System Restore on the System Recovery Options menu.

5. Follow the instructions to restore your computer to a previous state.


Your computer will be clean if you follow above steps to restore your system to previous state. But if you haven’t created restore point for your computer. You need to take anti-malware program to kill the Celas virus. Following guides can help you:

1. Download WindowsUnlocker from Kapersky official site and follow guide here to remove Celas virus.

2. After you remove Celar alert with WindowsUnlocker, you still need take Anti-malware program to kill the remains threats of the virus. Please go to anvisoft official site and download Anvi Smart Defender with following link.

Important note: Since Celas virus is stubborn and destructive; you need take proper measure to safeguard your computer system. If you are still experiencing problems while trying to remove Celas virus with above guides, please post in our official forum, we will investigate your case and work out a solution for you.


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