How to Remove Fccu4o20iv.exe

Fccu4o20iv.exe is a malicious seditious trojan. It can access your computer as you are deriving files from the zip archive. Once attacked, it can cause some program icons missing and steal your private details. Fccu4o20iv.exe can come with email attachments or additional spyware.


How dangerous the virus is!

1. It can change your registry settings and other important windows system files, and lead to computer crash.

2. Fccu4o20iv.exe contains trojan and keyloggers which can be used to steal your privacy.

3. It sometimes displays numerous fake infections of exaggerated security threats to promote you to purchase the full version of fake program.


Remove Fccu4o20iv.exe by a spyware removal

Note: Manual removal of Fccu4o20iv.exe usually is difficult and cumbersome procedure. If you are not a computer expertise, you may make a mistake to bring destructive damage to computer. For common users, it is better recommended to use a automatic spyware removal.

Before running spyware removal, you need to perform two steps below:

1. Stop Fccu4o20iv.exe process in windows task manager.

2. Reboot computer and press F8 before windows launching, and select “Network with Safe Mode” in safe mode.

3. Download and install the spyware removal in safe mode. Any program can’t run in safe mode.

Download spyware removal:

4. Do a full scan and delete all the malicious items detected.

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