How to Remove

What is viru is a malicious redirect virus. Once infected, it will redirect you into unwanted sites or advertisements. The would push you use it as your search site and default home site. The virus can steal your privacy information if you don’t remove timely.

Signs of Virus Infection

1. It can change desktop background image and browser homepage settings. Your browsers will be redirected.

2. It can slow down your computer including opening a file and shutting down computer.

3. It can corrupt your windows registry to let you get unwanted pop ups.

4. It can help to install other sorts of spyware.

Remove Automatically

1. Reboot your computer, and press F8 before window starting. Select “Safe Mode with Networking”. Now your computer is in safe mode.

2. Download and install a powerful virus removal tool:

3. After installing, update the software and then do a full scan. Delete all the items detected.

Note: Certain expert skills will be required if you want to remove the virus manually in order to avoid wrong operation which may damage your computer permanently.

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