How to Remove is a malicious redirect virus to change your computer settings and desktop background. Once infected, your search results in browsers will redirect you to some malicious sites or unwanted advertisements. This virus may install babylon search toolbar on your browser so that it can easily do its nasty activities.

Remove Manually

1. Press”Ctrl+Alt+Del”to open Task Manager to stop process.

2. Go to Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs to uninstall program.

3. Click “Start” to input regedit in the search box. Open the registry and delete all the registry files.

4. Search for files on your computer and remove them.

Note: manual removal of is highly risk. If you are not a computer expertise, it is easy to make a mistake. This may bring destructive damage to computer. So for common users, it is advised to download powerful antivirus software. Anvi Smart Defender is worthy of recommending to you. Click the link below to install the software now:

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