How to Remove (Removal Guide)

A new nasty browser hijacker called seems to place huge impacts among Windows users recently. It makes browser acting weird, and leaves very bad impression. After getting infected you will find is everywhere. The default homepage, and every new tab you open all bring out this hijacker virus. The domain of this browser hijacker may appear as or is evil as it is capable of deleting certain files after penetrating into a computer so as to cover its tracks and change DNS settings to cause Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc search result redirections. The worse is that may add some suspicious adds-ons to victims’ browser without their permission and make ways for invasion of malware. One might also suffer from a severe slow of PC performance.

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What may do to you when it captures your system?

The first thing you may notice is your default homepage is changed into Later, you will find your search queries are often redirected to unrelated, even malicious websites. You will receive numerous unwanted popup ads, never end. If you are suffering from this wicked browser hijacker, please refer to below instructions. Hope the removal guide will help you solve your problems.

A step-by-step Removal Guide:

Step 1> Open the Internet Explorer and Click on Tools to reveal the submenu, and select Internet Options.

Step 2> Reset your home page by typing the website address you would like to set as the default homepage, or choose to Use Blank.

Step 3> Switch to Advanced tab, click on Restore Defaults, and hit Apply to save all changes.

Step 4> Check and remove suspicious and unknown add-ons.

Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Manage Add-ons>Find out suspicious add-ons and then click Disable. Later, hit OK to close the window.

Step 5> Check Windows HOSTS file for additional malicious entries, and remove them all.

Go to: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. Open the hosts file with Notepad, and you should see below image.

Compare with above image and delete more lines of code and IPs.

Step 6> Check DNS settings to make sure they are set to obtain address automatically.

Click on Windows Start icon> Control Panel> Network Connections> Local Area Connection and select Properties> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)> Properties> choose Obtain DNS server address automatically.

Step 7> Download a powerful anti-malware program- Anvi Smart Defender to thoroughly scan your PC for corrupt and hidden malicious files associated with


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