How to Remove Windows Anytime Upgrade Trojan? (Ransomware Removal Guide)

Windows Anytime Upgrade Trojan is the latest discovered Trojan virus. We define is as a ransomeware because it disguises as Microsoft to scan users into paying the “fine” by alerting user with fake message. If you are infected with Windows Anytime Upgrade trojan, you will be unable to do anything on your computer as it is locked due to the using of pirated software and you will see following picture on your computer.


You can read the whole message from above picture.


Windows Anytime Upgrade

Windows Update


Your computer is blocked

You see this windows because you have software subject to licensing installed on your computer. Or your license has expired.


You see this windows because you have software subject to licensing installed on your computer installed on your computer. Or your license has expired.


According to copyright law each software product installed o a home/office PX shall be licensed. Using unlicensed software is prosecuted by law. It is liable to the fine in amount of $1000 or up to 12 weeks’ corrective labour. You shall immediately purchase a license for Microsoft Windows Home Premium (10. 1.2). In case you fail to do it within the next 24 hours, your computer will be blocked and your personal data will be transferred to court.


The cost of the license is 100 pounds

You can pay for the license with Ukash or Paysafecard. For paying just enter the code into the field below.



Actually, that’s all not true. Please never surrender your money to scammers. It does not help to fix the problem. The only way to restore your computer system is to remove the Windows Anytime Upgrade Ransomware.


Steps to Remove Windows Anytime Upgrade Ransomware:


Step1, Reboot your computer into safe mode with networking;

Step2, Download Anvi Smart Defender to kill the Trojan virus by following link:

If Windows Anytime Upgrade ransomware blocks you from safe mode, please download Anvi Smart Defender with another computer, and transfer the removal tool via a CD/DVD, USB flash drive or external drive to the infected computer to kill the Trojan virus.

Step3. You computer should be clean now. But this ransomware trends to lock computer files, you can take a Utility developed by Kapersky to decrypt files affected by Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Rannoh infection.



For any problem regarding to Windows Anytime Upgrade Trojan, please feel free to post in our official forum. We are glad to offer help.

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