How to Remove Windows Interactive Security? (Uninstall Guide)

The Internet is not a safe place. We have to face various kinds of online threats and numerous variants when we are an active user to the Internet. So arm yourself with certain security knowledge and install your computer with a powerful antivirus program becomes a necessity.

Windows Interactive Security seems to infect those who don’t secure their computers with malware defense. What’s worse, if the one who got infected with this odious software doesn’t have knowledge about such fake antivirus software; then he’s likely to be a victim of Windows Interactive Security.

Windows Interactive Security is a fake antivirus application which pretends to be a powerful and efficient security shield, however, in fact is useless. It starts fake scans, pops up fake scanning results and mock security alerts. It only aims at scaring victims into believing their computers are heavily infected with virus, so as to promote their license activation code to earn money.

This atrocious fake antivirus program is very malicious, thus the removal guide is a little complicated and needs patience. Below are the removal guides you can refer to when terminate the malware:

Step 1> Boot your computer into safe mode with Networking. Quick press the F8 key on the keyboard before Windows starts till below window comes out. Then use the arrow key to highlight the Safe Mode with Networking and press the Enter key to continue.

Step 2> Download Windows Interactive Security Rogue killer from Anvisoft. This free tool is specifically developed to kill the rogue process.
Windows Interacitve Rogue Killer Download

Step 3> Continue Reading the whole removal guide →

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