How to Remove Windows Proprietary Advisor? (Uninstall Guide)

Windows Proprietary Advisor is malware which is also known as rogue security software. It follows a Windows program suite, pretends to be a powerful and reputable antivirus application, which in fact is incapable of doing nothing regarding detecting or removing a virus. Once infected, you will soon find yourself in huge frustration and trouble.

Below are screenshots of Windows Proprietary Advisor:

Remove Windows Proprietary Advisor is another headache you have to conquer after you find your legitimate antivirus is blocked from running; Task Manager and Windows Registry Editor are blocked from opening. Reinstall system seems to be the only way to solve the problem. Luckily, an easier way to terminate the odious program is available now. If you’re searching for solutions, below is what you can refer to.

Step 1: Reboot your computer into safe Mode with networking.
The safe mode enables you to remove Windows Proprietary Advisor much easier.
1. Restart your computer.
2. Quick tap the F8 key before Windows starts until you are taken to Windows Advanced Options Menu. If you failed to enter this menu, just reboot your computer and try again.
3. Use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networking and press the Enter key to log on.

Step 2: Check and remove Windows Proprietary Advisor malicious proxy server.
Windows Proprietary Advisor may add a proxy server to prevent you from accessing the Internet. Below is a guide to remove the proxy.
1. Open your Internet Explorer, click on Tools (gear icon for IE9), and select Internet Options.
2. Select Connections, and click on LAN settings.
3. If the option: Use a proxy server for your LAN is checked, then uncheck it get access to the Internet again.

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    Step 1 > Uninstall install savings and related elements from your computer.

    Follow the instruction that corresponds to your operating system to uninstall malicious items

    • Windows XP: Go to Start> Control Panel> Add Remove programs> Look for items that related to install savings > Click on Remove.

    • Windows 7/Vista: Go to Start> Control panel> Uninstall a program/Programs and Features> Look for items that related to install savings > click on Uninstall.

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