How to Remove Windows Safety Wizard (Removal Guide)

Windows Safety Wizard is not legitimate software although it’s designed as an anti-spyware program. It cheats users by its fake design. It acts like an anti-spyware program because it will scan your PC deliberately. After performing a fake scanning, it will display false reports of your PC. In most cases, it might say that one PC is infected with multi viruses. Below is a picture that shows you how it behaves.

the screenshot of Windows Safety Wizard

Windows Safety Wizard will start with Windows, and you may not know how to disable it because it will add it into your Windows Registry. Once your computer is infected with it, your computer will completely be hijacked. You can’t use your PC normally, and you can’t open or run any programs because they will be hijacked too. What’s more, you can’t open your task manager, and your anti-virus program will be blocked so it can’t detect any virus or malware on your computer.

It’s so malicious that we must remove it by some special way. Anvisoft Labs research on it, and we provide the direct way of removing this rogue, please take the following instructions if your PC is infected by it.

1 To end its malicious behavior, you could use the debugged key below to Activate it.


Note: The registration code will do no harm for your computer. Our goal is to stop the malicious behavior of rogue first. And then you can use antimalware program to scan and remove all its infections.

2 After activating it, your PC might become much normally than before, but you still need to download a removal tool to remove it from your computer. Download Anvi Smart Defender:

3 Install it and update the virus database to the latest version.

4 Perform a full system scan to check your PC security.

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