How to Remove Windows Secure Web Patch Rogueware

Windows Secure Web Patch is known as malware. It pretends to be a legitimate antivirus to trick the user into thinking there are something wrong with their computers. However, nothing cloud be further from the truth. This only promotes you to purchase their full version. Once infected, it can help steal your money and slow down computer. So you should remove it as soon as possible.

Alerts of Windows Secure Web Patch Infection

Trojan activity detected. System data security is at risk.
It is recommended to activate protection and run a full system scan.

Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet
C:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe is suspected to have infected your PC. This type of virus intercepts entered data and transmits them to a remote server. As you might imagine, Internet Explorer, which is what explore.exe is, didn’t infect your computer.

Remove Windows Secure Web Patch

1. Start your computer in safe mode. Click Start, then click Shut down. Select Restart and click OK. During your computer starting process press F8 key on your keyboard multiple times until Windows Advanced Options menu shows up, then select Safe mode with networking from the list and press ENTER.

2. In safe mode, any program can’t run. Now you can download a virus remover and install.

Virus remover downloads:

3. Update the software and then do a full scan.

4. Delete all the malicious items detected.

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