How to Remove Windows Security Renewal? (Rogueware Uninstall Guide)

Windows Security Renewal is the latest rogueware we detected. It is a fake anti-virus program which pretends to be a legitimate program. By infecting with Windows Security Renewal, you will get constantly fake security alerting that your computer has many virus and system error issue. But when you click to fix those issues, you are required to pay a sum of money.


Windows Security Renewal should be removed immediately since it will bring great damage to your computer. It will slow down your computer performance dramatically. Besides that, you will also experience internet problem. Windows Security Renewal is so malicious that it will disable your firewall and legimate anti-virus program.


To remove Windows Security Renewal, we highly recommend you take Windows Security Renewal Removal Tool developed by Anvisoft team. As the rogueware may block your internet access from downloading the special tool, it’s necessary for you to recover your internet.


How to Recover the Internet Access? (Please take one of following methods)

1. Reboot your computer into safe mode with networking; Press and hold the F8 key as your computer restarts; tap the “F8 key” continuously until you get Windows Advanced Options Menu. By doing this, you are able to download program from our official site.

2. Disable Windows Security Renewal Malicious Proxy Sever; Windows Security Renewal may add a proxy server which blocks your internet access. Following tips can help you to regain internet access.

a) Open Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer go to: Tools->Internet Options.

b) Click on “Connections” tab, then click “LAN settings” button.

c) Uncheck the checkbox under “Proxy server” option and click OK.

3. Disable the malware program with the debugging code: 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0020. The code will help you to stop Windows Security Renewal malicious activity on your computer. But please keep in mind that entering the registration code will not help you to remove Windows Security Renewal from your computer, you still need take special tool to kill the rogueware.

After you recover your internet access, please download Windows Security Renewal Removal Tool from following website:

After downloading, double click on the file icon and the fake program will be killed and removed at once.

Important note: After killing the rogue, you still need a malware removal tool to scan your system completely to remove all leftovers. Download Anvi Smart Defender now by clicking following button:

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