How to Remove Browser Hijack Virus

WWW.COM is a type of malicious browser hijack virus. Once infected, your home page will be changed into Otherwise, any search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing will be redirected into some malicious sites and advertisements. If keeping too long in computer, this virus can steal privacy and credit card, so it is very dangerous. You should remove it as soon as possible.

Steps to remove

1. Reboot computer to the Safe Mode Screen. Please press F8 before windows launching, and select “Safe Mode with Networking”. Now your computer is in safe mode, and any malware can’t take action.

2. Download anvi smart defender, a powerful and updated virus removal software to remove malware, virus, adware and others.

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3. After installing the software, please click “Update” to update software.

4. Do a full scan and remove all the items detected.

How You May be Infected.

1. Click on links you find in an e-mail.

2. Open an e-mail attachment.

3. Download files from a reputable website that you know is on the up-and-up.

4. Use bit-torrent and other file-sharing programs.

5. Use an unsolicited drive-checking site.

6. Turn off all java and java scripting by default, and only enable java and java scripting for sites that you know you can trust.

7. Read an unsolicited e-mail, and delete spam immediately. It is possible to be hacked by reading an e-mail alone.

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