Remove Windows Ultimate Safeguard Rrogueware

Windows Ultimate Safeguard is a rogueware which will perform a false virus scan and display fake security alerts. As any other rogueware, once settled, Windows Ultimate Safeguard will not allow you to run your anti-virus program as well as any other Windows applications. It will also disable your internet connection by modifing your LAN settings, DNS settings and host files.



How Windows Ultimate Safeguard spreads?


1. Hacked websites: the scammers hack websites and input the malicious code to exploit vulnerabilities on your computer to install the computer infection.


2. Well-known freeware or cracked shared software: be careful to something free. Freeware or cracked shareware may bring you rogueware. Scammers always cheat users into downloading the rogueware by marking the rogueware with popular program.



Windows Ultimate Safeguard Rogueware Removal Guide


1. Windows Ultimate Safeguard is very difficult to remove, thus, Anvisoft developed a free Windows Ultimate Safeguard Removal Tool since we get the sample.  It is highly recommend taking the tool to kill the rogueware.  To download the free rogueware killer, please go to following website


Important Note: If you are unable to download the required tool directly on normal mode, please reboot your computer into safe mode with networking and then download the tool. You can also download the required tool on another computer, and transfer the tool via CD/DVD, USB drive or any other external drive to infected computer.


2. After you download Windows Ultimate Safeguard Removal Tool, please double click on the “windows-ultimate-safeguard-killer.exe” and the fake program will be killed and removed.


Important Note: If the killer is blocked from running, please rename the file: windows-ultimate-safeguard-killer.exe as explorer.exe. Then double click on the file and the fake program will be killed and removed.


3. After killing the rogue, you still need a malware removal tool to scan your system completely to remove all infections. Download Anvi Smart Defender by clicking following link:


Now, your computer should be clean. For more information regarding Windows Ultimate Safeguard Rrogueware problem, please read our tutorial in our official forum.

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