Windows Active Guard Removal Guide

Windows Active Guard is a fake anti-spyware program which imitates a legitimate security program.  We received the sample about this fake rogueware and analyzed it.  Once settled in, the rogueware will modify the system file to enable itself start automatically when the system starts. Then it will start its malicious activity on victim’s computer by disabling the regular legitimate anti-virus program and other programs, blocking internet access, popping up constantly annoying fake security alerts and asking victim money to fix the problem.


How Windows Active Guard Rogueware spreads?

1. In most case, it spreads via porn or famous movie. The fake program disguise itself as a movie with attractive title and name to scam user to download it. Once users run the fake movie after download, their computer will get infected with Windows Active Guard rogueware.

2. Famous freeware or cracked shareware. It takes the same camouflage tricks to scam victims. Be careful when you need to download free program. Unknown download website should be avoided.


How to Remove Windows Active Guard?

Since the fake rogueware can disable the regular anti-virus program as well as blocking internet access, victim can not manage to remove Windows Active Guard with common ways. If your computer gets infected with the fake anti-roguware, you need special tool to kill the rogueware virus and please follow steps below.

Step1. 1. Restart your infected computer, keep typing the F8 key until the Advanced Windows Options Menu appears, then use the arrow key to highlight the Safe Mode with Networking option and then press the Enter key to continue.

Step2. Download Windows Active Guard killer to terminate all malicious processes associated with it.


Step3. After downloading, double click on the file icon and the fake program will be killed and removed at once.


Important note: After killing the rogue, you still need a malware removal tool to scan your system completely to remove all leftovers. Download Anvi Smart Defender to remove all the leftovers and let it protect your operating system. Click here to know more about the killing process

After you manage to remove the Windows Active Guard, you will see the picture below:

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