Windows Advanced Toolkit Removal Instructions

Windows Advanced Toolkit is a big trick. Don’t take for granted that it’s an antivirus program only judging from its name. You need brighter eyes to check out what real deceits it holds there.

Below is a screenshot of Windows Advanced Toolkit.

Hope you are not being trapped by its tricks to believe, more seriously, purchase the program. It’s fake! All security alerts you received from it are fake, they are made to scare you, more frankly to cheat you into believing your computer is terribly infected by Trojans and other virus so that you need this fake antivirus software to help terminate these threats.

Remove Windows Advanced Toolkit from your PC as soon as possible, or you will soon find your computer in hell. Below instructions will teach you how to remove Windows Advanced Toolkit quickly and completely.

1. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.

2. Download the Windows Advanced Toolkit Rogue killer to kill the malicious process.

Download URL:

3. Run the killer, the malware will be killed immediately.

4. To remove leftovers, you need to… Continue reading

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