Windows Maintenance Guard Quick Uninstall Guide

Is your system overflowed with scary virus alerts popped up by Windows Maintenance Guard? Are you frustrated with whether to trust it or not? Stay calm and recall where this application come from you will figure out what happened.


It’s suspicious. It installed itself automatically on your computer without your consent; its popup alerts are annoying and overwhelmingly in amounts; there’s no exit to quit the program or uninstall package on the Control Panel to remove it. All these bits of evidence suggest that Windows Maintenance Guard is a suspicious application. In fact, it’s the newest fake anti-spyware program which aims at tricking victims in and scaring them into buying useless even rogue software.


Windows Maintenance Guard Quick Removal Guide: How to remove it safely and completely?


1. Reboot your computer into safe mode with Networking by pressing F8 before Windows starts.


2. Check LAN settings of your Internet Explorer.

Open your IE>Click on Tools (gear icon for IE 9)>Select Internet Options>Click on Connections>Select LAN settings>Uncheck the checkbox of Use a proxy server for your LAN and click OK. Continue reading →


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