Windows Privacy Extension Quick Removal Guide


Windows Privacy Extension is another Windows rogue variant which is classified as a fake anti-spyware program. Its malicious behavior can be seen through many ways, such as installs itself on your computer without your actual consent, popup fake scanning alerts, takes over your system to make certain programs unable to start, blocks you from downloading files online, etc.

You should never hesitate to remove this application form your computer once it lands on your system or you will soon find yourself being thrown into hell. What’s worse, you will find even your legitimate antivirus fails the task to ferret it out. Below is a screenshot of this malware.

Luckily, thanks to Windows Privacy Extension Removal Tool developed by Anvisoft, you can fix Windows Privacy Extension threat only in four steps. Save your day earlier before darkness comes.

Step 1: Reboot the infected computer into Safe Mode with Networking.

a. Reboot the infected PC.

b. Tap the F8 key repeatedly till the Windows Advanced Options Menu comes up. Reboot the PC and have another try if you failed for the first time.

c. Select Safe Mode with Networking and press the Enter key to log on.

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