Windows Proactive Safety Uninstall Guide

Windows Proactive Safety is not designed to defend your PC or shield your privacy, but made to scam you with fake system scan results and numerous pop up alerts. Don’t be fooled by its name, which sounds nice and powerful, however in fact is totally incapable of detecting or removing any threats on your system. Don’t fall for its pitfall; all security alerts sent by it are sham. This malicious software should be treated as hostile as any virus, and be removed from your system as soon as possible.

The malware’s most noticeable behavior includes: Install itself automatically without your permission, and will launch and execute system scans as soon as Windows starts, later will display you scary pop-up warnings saying numerous virus, and Trojans are found on your computer. However, if you intend to remove such “virus” by Windows Proactive Safety, you will be asked to activate the program, or virus removal operation can’t be executed. If you do no action, all fake alerts will keep popping up on your screen, which is extremely annoying.

Serious thing goes like:

Why my legitimate anti-virus failed to catch the it?
Why can’t I download files from the Internet to kill it?
Why can’t I even open some web pages?
The fact is that this malware blocks you from doing so.

Windows Proactive Safety Killer (Recommended)

Anvisoft has developed a special removal tool to kill the malicious behavior of Windows Proactive Safety. Download from here to completely kill the scamware.

Free Windows Proactive Safety Removal Tool Download

Tips: We recommend you to download this killer from a clean computer, then copy and transfer it to the infected computer via an USB, DVD, or CD to avoid rebooting your computer into Safe Mode with Networking and change your Proxy Server.

If you can’t find another computer, click here to learn how to reboot computer into Safe Mode. Continue reading→

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