How to remove (removal guide)

How to remove (removal guide)

Have you ever gotten into such trouble that you may consider as a search engine at first glance but you could not use it properly?

Now we’d like to tell the truth about it., which looks like a genuine search engine such as Google, Internet Explorer etc, actually is a browser hijacker. There is a Browser Redirection, you may find that Claro-search is very similar to it. Both of them change your browser internet settings and default browser homepage. can install itself before you get an idea of it. Once installed, no matter which genuine browser you use, it will hijack your homepage and you can never break away from it. Meanwhile everytime you use search engine, there will emerge a lot of irrelevant advertisements which may lead you to an unwanted website. The purpose of this hijacker is to collect money from victims whose pc are infected. What is worse, your private information can be stolen by it before you realize,  for instance your passwords, credit card, bank account data etc. As long as the Browser Redirection invaded, it is very hard to uninstall.

A mass of effects can be awared when occupies your system. Some of them are as following:

1. Change the browser internet settings and setting the as your homepage.
2. Produce a large number of terrible ads.
3. Slow down your pc as both starting up and running pc.
4. Break the stability of your pc.

Take it seriously if your search engine appears as the below image.

And then the question “how to remove it” must occur in your mind. Now you can get the most valuable and easiest way to deal with it.

How to remove (removal guide)

Step1: Boot or restart your pc into safe mode with networking

Step2:Reset your Internet Explorer

a. Open your Internet Explorer
b. Click tools
c. Internet option
d. Advanced
e. Reset
f. Click “ yes” to save the change

Step3: Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete to open your Task Manager and then stop all  running processes of

Step4: Find out all of the related files and remove all of them entirely

Step5: Scan and find the associated register entries in Windows register editor, and delete all of them

Step6: Download and install Anvi Smart Defender, make a thorough scanning and remove the latent processes.

To make sure all of the malicious files and folders are removed, Anvi Smart Defender is an ideal assistant for you.

Step7: Restart your pc

We Anvisoft will do all we can to help you. If you have any comment and question, please notify us, we will reply you as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.




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