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Browser is hijacked by Reset the default homepage, yet still keeps coming back with each new tab you open? If you are annoyed by this browser hijacker, and are searching for solutions to fix the problem, read on to see what we provide and check to see whether your frustration will be solved by tips we offered in this article. Quick Removal Guide:

Step 1: Download Anvi Smart Defender (Tool needed for this fix) by clicking the Download Now button below.



Step 2: Find and install the program.

Step 3: Switch to ToolBox. (The last option)

Step 4: Click on Anvi Browser Repair Tool (Enabled in ASD Free/Pro)

Step 5: Change the homepage by putting the desired URL in the blank space circled in Read.

Step 6: Check the options according to your needs, Choose to Reset DNS Settings. (Default settings recommended)

Step 7: Click Fix to continue the removal operation.

Step 8: Reboot your PC to enjoy a disinfected system. is supposed to be completely removed.

Note: Browser Repair Tool currently only supports Internet Explorer Redirect Fix. For Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, the function will be launched in next version. If you have any suggestion or good ideas in helping improve our product, please feel free to contact at:

Manual Removal Guide:

Step 1: Remove related items from the Control Panel.

Take Win 7 for example: Click Windows Start icon> Select “Control Panel”> Locate “Programs and Features”> Look for “Ask Toolbar, Ask Toolbar Updater, Download Accelerator Plus(DAP, SpeedBit Video Accelerator, SpeedBit Video Downloader,)”> Uninstall all of them.

Step 2: Open your Internet Explorer> press the Alt key on the keyboard to reveal the Menu bar.

Step 3: Select Tools> click on Internet Options.

Step 4: Choose General, and change into a new, preferred web website as your default homepage, or directly choose to Use blank.

Step 5: Click on Advanced, and choose Reset.

Step 6: Label the option: Delete personal settings after Reset Internet Explorer Settings window pops up; later click Reset to apply all changes.

If above 6 steps won’t fix the issue on your computer, please go on with step 6 to fix problems that might prevent you removing

Step 7: Manage Internet Explorer add-ons. Find and remove SweetIM toolbar.

Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Manage Add-ons>Uninstall SweetIM toolbar.

Step 8: Check Windows HOSTS file for additional malicious entries.

Go to: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. Open the hosts file with Notepad, and you should see below image.

If you see more lines of code and IPs, delete them.

Step 9: Check DNS settings to make sure they are set to obtain address automatically.

Windows Start icon> Control Panel> Network Connections> Local Area Connection and select Properties> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) > Properties> choose Obtain DNS server address automatically.

Step 10: Reset your Router back to the factory default settings, and reboot your computer to enjoy a clean system.


We mention here is not because it’s malicious or suspicious, but due to its deceptive spreading methods: often bundles with freeware installation, and installs itself without noticing the user about such operation. That’s probably why it’s not welcomed among people. In fact, is a homepage for a popular download manager program called Download Accelerator Plus. is a search provider developed by the same developer. Yet, it’s free version uses very deceptive way to guide user through the installation process so as to add extra add-ons, plug-ins, and toolbars to your browser.

Such quandary can be avoided if you pay more attention when installing free software, and uncheck the undesired options such as set as your default homepage. So be more cautious next time, install smart, especially for freeware. Screenshot:




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