How to Remove LinkBucks Redirect Virus

LinkBucks is a browser hijack virus. Once infected, your any search result in google or other browsers will be redirected into other websites through LinkBucks system. However, as to itself, it is an legitimate advertisement network displaying ads around the page or showing splash screen with ads in between pages.  You get infected because your pc was infected with trojan or worm which cause LinkBuck to redirect.

LinkBucks Redirect Screenshot

How Dangerous LinkBucks Redirect!

1. It may display you numerous annoying advertisements.

2. It can log your internet browsing history.

3. It will hijack your browser homepage.

4. It may spread additional spyware.

5. It violates your privacy and compromises your security.

Remove LinkBucks Redirect Virus

You can remove LinkBucks Redirect virus manually, but manual removal of this virus can permanently damage your system if any mistake are made in the process as advanced spyware parasites can automatically repair themselves if not completely removed. So if you are not a computer specialist, it is better recommended to use Anvi Smart Defender, a powerful virus removal tool.

Download Anvi Smart Defender:

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