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How to Get Rid of Vgrabber

1. Open up your Task Manager by hitting crtl+alt+del. 2. Click on the Process tab and locate the program “vgrabber.exe”. 3. Highlight that process and click on the “End Process” button. 4. Remove the following files: %DesktopDir%\vGrabber YouTube Download.lnk %Temp%\nso6.tmp\nsProcess.dll %Temp%\nsoA.tmp\nsProcess.dll %Temp%\nsr3.tmp\setup.exe %Temp%\nsr3.tmp\setup.exe %Programs%\vGrabber\vGrabber.lnk %ProgramFiles%\vGrabber\appicon.ico %ProgramFiles%\vGrabber\libgcc_s_dw2-1… %ProgramFiles%\vGrabber\mingwm10.dll %ProgramFiles%\vGrabber\phonon4.dll %ProgramFiles%\vGrabber\youtubeDL.exe If you don’t know what I […]